Gastrointestinal and Specialty Testing

While many things can be done without testing, it may add extra value to a more accurate treatment plan and diagnosis

Test Options Include: Testing Includes:
Gut-Well Test (One-Day or Three-Day Ova and Parasite) Comprehensive digestive stool analysis – includes calprotectin, elastase, fecal fat, ova and parasites, stool culture, gut immune function and microbiota ecology function
Calprotectin Used to detect inflammation in the intestines
Elastase Helps detect pancreatic insufficiency (lack of enzymes)
Fecal Fat Helps identify gut malabsorption
Ova and Parasite Determines if you have a parasitic infection in the digestive tract
Stool Culture Determines if you have a bacterial infection in the digestive tract
Occult Blood Screens for digestive tract bleeding
H. pylori Breath Test Used to diagnose an H. pylori infection
SIBO Testing Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth
Microbial Stool Analysis Evaluates stool for beneficial bacteria, imbalanced gut flora, yeast and possible pathogens
Celiac Testing – Basic Tissue transglutaminase (need to eat gluten)
Celiac Testing – Full Tissue transglutaminase and deamidated gliadin IgG antibodies (need to eat gluten)
Iodine Plus Measures key elements in thyroid function (iodine, selenium, bromine and cadmium) in the urine

***Testing is not covered by OHIP but insurance may reimburse some costs. Please contact your provider, if you have questions. There may be a $7.76 documentation fee, charged by the lab and/or any other fees charged by the lab for processing or shipping.

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